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Anne Bronte was the youngest of the Bronte sisters. She was born on January 17, 1820, and died about 29 years later in May 1849. She wrote under the name of Acton Bell when she wrote her novels and poetry.
Anne wrote several poems and novel, which in the in my opinion did not refer to the gender of who the writer was. I read a couple of chapters of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and was not able to identify the gender of the writer. I felt that in the novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Anne was calling for a world where males and females were equal to each other. I believe that in Anne’s writing in this novel that a person must be moral and should embrace both the feminine and masculine characteristics of their being. The individuals, regardless of their gender, can achieve both.
Anne wrote the following passage in her Novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall:
Rest without toil I would not ask:
I would not shun the hardest task;
Toil is my glory- Grief my gain,
If God’s approval they obtain.
Could I but hear my Saviour say,-
“I know thy patience and thy love;
How thou has held the narrow way,
For my laboured night and day,
And watched, and striven with them that strove:…
I believe that Anne’s several references to labor and duties were to be assumed and then performed without looking for your own pleasure. I think her references to God and Saviour, refers to the labor and duties being performed without pleasure, and God performed his labor and duties to the people of the world saving them in hopes of providing them an eternal home in his father house.
After reading Anne’s poem titled The Narrow Way when it was published after she died. Bronte wrote :
Believe not those who say
The upward path is smooth,
Lest thou shouldst stumble in the way
And faint before the truth…
I believed she is talking about a duty here also. I believe that she is trying to relay that it is your duty to listen to what people say about the preparation to make it to heaven and be prepared to stumble in your walk in life. It is your duty to stumble in your walk toward heaven and if you believe that the path is smooth, it would be your duty to dispute those who say “…the path is smooth…”


Jonathan.Glance said...


Some good comments on Anne Brontë, although I don't believe this author's poetry was part of the assigned readings. I am glad you like the Brontës works, but I would prefer you to discuss the assignments.

Mike Howell said...

Dr. Glance I read straight through and wrote about the authors. I understood that the listings on the syllabus were topics for the final paper.